†Realm of the Moon†

Like Hell your eyes flare in hatre at the flames that burn within you. You never know what is brought forth before you untill you realize your life is nothing more, nothing less. Your past once more forgotten, but thats a lie, nothing ever lies low for a long time. It is always brought up just like that. They say somethings are better left forgotten, but the truth is, if you leave it swelled up inside of you for so long you will one day burst. Sometimes that isn't always a good thing.

We all burn every once in awhile, why should she be any different. Her pack long forgotten ripped from her like a shred of bullets. No idea where they went or will they ever come back. This she will never forget the day she saw the bloodshed. She would forgive, but won't forget. Her trust long harden after so many years. She won't forget her days, she won't forget her years. Her friends, she has no idea where they went, but knowing they will never come back.

She may seem blind, but she is not. Her instincts flare in her stronger then ever. She can see just fine, her eyes have abit of blurriness. And now I leave you to this question that builds around us. Will the flames of chaos rise?

Welcome to my nightmare. My solitude and torment. Come will you now? Dwell with me in the condemned shadows of the world? Feel my pain and feel my wraith as I watch you die with pleasure in my eyes.