Here are the current listings of the sites I roam

Neopets: Crazyaussie1984 (main); Redangel1990(oldest); Crazoka; Dark1984; Whitestone

Deviantart: darkwolf1984

Sheezyart: engel

Furcadia: Altairien, Kurotsuki, & Raaviper

Subeta: Flag

BlackBlood Alliance: Rain; Treblesong, Noriki, Rudo, Mikerra, & Lucas

Ramath-Lehi: Rogue

FanFiction: shadowangel84

Fur Affinity: Ausrain

Gaiaonline: Dnaire

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So far these are all the sites I roam. If I happen to have forgotten any, please notify me asap at my email with the subject titled '[Links]'. Thank you very much ^^. Also if you see someone posing as me, please tell me asap. Never know it might have been me, but I forgot to add it ^^.