†Behind Rain's Creator†

So you're that curious to know about me eh? Well I suppose I can spill a few deadly details of my damned forsaken life ;P

Fursona: Rain, a BLACK gray wolf with silver eyes

Irl Name: Danielle R. Smith

Meaning: Hebrew for "God is My Judge"

Nicknames: Rain, Dani, Danya, Ganyeil, Daniela, Danal

D.O.B.: 1/31/90

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: About 140lbs

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Also Experiments)

Relationship Status: Free-Bird (SINGLE)

Favorite Color: Mostly any blues, reds, black, silver, etc RAINBOW

Favorite Season: Spring [Neither to hot nor to cold]

Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire

Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta

Favorite Book: Riley Jenson series

Heritage: British, German, and Irish [known and claimed]

Language: English, speak alittle of German and Spanish but not enough to make a fluent conversation o.o

Religion: Freelance Christian

Food: Anything healthy, FISH, a few selection of CHICKEN, ICE CREAM

Who Am I:

I AM YER MUM!!...No..I kid o.o..or am I? lol...OKAY on a more serious note. I'm a down to the earth Southern Girl with like a big heart okie? I'm passive-aggressive aka I'm not to keen on fights. I mean it does not mean I don't like a random squabble here and there..but me in one, um no I find them rather pointless. ANYWAYS moving on....I am very open-minded and I really do not care. If I have something to say I will generally and usually say it. Yes I am stubborn, but I'm not completely stupid. Actually I am very smart, maybe not complete genius smart; but smart nonetheless. People who have met me and actually know me know me think I'm a really kind girl o.o what makes them think that is beyond me. I R CRAZIE ROAR! No I'm kidding! I think the only thing that would define me as crazy is the fact that I have this crazed adrenaline rush..and I become like extremely hyper to the point that anything I do or say makes absolutely no sense at all. Fun right? I suppose you could say that....o.o I have a hyperactive problem

I have no problems allowing myself to be like a councilor to someone who needs someone to talk to. I know it's comforting to know that there is someone close to you willing to give up a shoulder and ear for you to express yourself, to rant or even for advice. I like to think I am that person. I do not really care if it's about me..come to me. Rant your little heart out, that's what I'm here for >3 Need advice? I may not be totally complete on advices, but I can try. I'm not really that hard to get along with nor am I one to hold grudges. I don't even care if someone insults me..to me it's not worth gambling over ya know? It's like "KTHNXBAI". If you let them know it bothers you then they will keep coming back. Better to brush 'em off early right? Other then that I have been known to be very humorous and..sometimes a little perverse o.o..and yes I am a complete spazz, yea thanks ;3

I love to read and write. Probably one of the reasons why I roleplay, sometimes. Some may notice I am sometimes fast on my roleplays while other times I am slow on my roleplays. Well one, I have carpel tunnel syndrome that comes about at the wrong times. This which fails me and makes me unable to like write or type anything roleplay related. Sometimes it’s hard for me to finish anything drawing related and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRAW. Another reason is I focus a lot on my schoolwork, like a lot. To the point that sometimes I get a little brain deadage. A third reason is I have to move around and it’s been getting a little worse. Like I have to be doing something and sometimes it’s extremely hard to focus on one thing at a time. I have an extremely short attention span. Like really really short.

Um..what else?? OH! I was born in Houston, Texas; raised generally in the Dallas area (Moreso Valley View). I've been to a few other places like Iowa, Mississippi, etc. I currently reside in good ol' Texas WHOOO GO TEXAS o.o. I do have a southern accent, so I’ve been told. Yes I can speak absolutely clearly, but it’s hard for me sometimes. So I tend to talk fast and that’s when the accent comes in. And it’s not just southern accent, it’s sometimes a tweak of British. And yes I have been asked if I was British hehe. Blizz thinks I have a lisp, but Bryan refers to it as a southern drawl o.o.

I graduate in 2008 and am currently attending college. But I'm debating on several different things. Though I'd rather not go into complete details on that..thanks...o.o...ANYWAYS I plan on becoming a History Teacher, cause I love history and I want to teach. Anyways..if I keep ramblin’ about meself I’ll not have random facts to exploit to you guys ;3

Hobbies: I usually draw. Though I love to read, sometimes write, and most of the time I catch myself singing to meself ;3. Other times I’ll go BS with me homies ^.^ And when I get the chance I love to go roller skating. Also when available I’ll go dancin’ just for the fun and hell of it. Generally anything to have fun >3

Dislikes: Haha..the dislikes hmm? I know I said I do not hold grudges and among other things, but never said I did not have dislikes. I’m not an extreme hater, I was taught not to be so..here is what I dislike. I do not like spiders, they creep me out and yes I do freak. I do not like false friends. I despise spaghetti >/....EW....I hate when someone is extremely angry and decides it is okay to let it all go on everyone else. I hate when someone goes all EMO on me and refuses to take anything I say to heart. I do not like it when I try to help someone and they just wind up pushing me away. I do not like to see my friends depressed, it drives me crazy. I hate being taken advantage of and being used. That’s just not right...And of course I could go on and on..but that’ll just annoy me lol. My Music Interests: Variety

Bands: 3 Doors Down...FRICKEN 3 DOORS DOWN!!! and Sick Puppies, Adelita's Way, Shinedown, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Hinder, etc.

Random Facts:

*Don’t really have a lot of random facts..since I like wrote this big bio o.o

I hate when my name is misspelled or mispronounced, it's not that hard

I am easily amused

I have this huge fear of heights

I'm not afraid of the dark, just what's IN the dark

Evasion of my bubble equals big NONO >/

Yes I do think blood and gore is funny..cause it is

I have this unusual obsession of touching myself where it hurts..like bruises or sumthin

I spazz when the phone rings

I am a strong supporter of the armed forces, ANY armed forces

I am the LAST person to try and guilt-trip

Silence drives me off the walls

I think Pink is the ugliest color evers

I never RP or do anything when someone is watching me..kind of creeps me out

I do believe in saving yourself for someone special..

I think sudden love is BLAH

I believe that everyone deserves a chance

I randomly say hi and be nice to everyone, until they do something I do not agree with =3

Theme Song: Life of My Own by 3 Doors Down