Toboe's Mystery Continues

Any information regarding this story can be found in the previous Story HERE. All answers will be answered in that story. Therefore if you have any questions on how this happened. Read the previous story, linked above. After you finish reading that one, you may continue with the sequel.

OK So many people have asked me to write a sequel to Toboe's Mystery. So I have decided to do just that. I hope you enjoy my story :P Heres alittle thing you guys should know.

OK Raven's clothes are different in human form now. She is abit older aswell. She wears black cargo pants, black halfcut shirt with a black vest over it. Black boots.

Yes I do realize the wolves don't actually change into their human forms, but only create an illusion. But for my story I shall allow them to change between different forms. Thank you and enjoy this sequel.


Raven's thoughts lingered within her mind. She had wondered about so many things since she had begun this trip with the other wolves her father had known for so long. She tilted her head as her gaze lingered towards Tsume. She wondered what he was like without his cruel nature. In which the nature he had shown her on several of their meetings. She looked to her father. Toboe smiled as he padded beside his daughter. All wolves appear to be in their wolf forms. Tsume half-glanced to the almost grown pup that lingered beside Toboe. He snorted and looked back forward. Some reason he felt a bond between this pup as much as he did with Toboe. He felt two bonds, but could not quite figure it out himself. He grit his fangs and growled silently to himself.

Hige's stomach growled once more as they neared a town. Kiba glanced to him as he heard the growl, rolling his eyes. As they finally reached the town, a pack of dog's scents drew near Raven's nostrils. She drew her maw in disgust and kept near her father. She had always loved being on her own, but sometimes she actually needed to be beside her father at all cost. All of them turned to their human forms to no draw so much attention to theirselves. Raven looked around, before coming up beside Tsume and looked up to him, before looking away. She looked about for any signs of dogs. Though the smell she had scented seemed strange to her. She saw a group of boys that had the same scent.

She tensed slightly, really confused. The leader had smelled the scent of wolves aswell. He turned his gaze towards the group, his gaze instantly turned towards the fae of the group. A smirk ceased across his face as he motioned to his group as they ran off. Raven blinked as she watched the group run off. She shook her head and looked to the other four, before quickly turning into her wolf form and bolted after them. Toboe grew concerned and bolted after her in his wolf form. The others, in wolf form, followed. As Raven ran after them, she had a surprise waiting for her. She suddenly jolted to a stop as she appeared in a junkyard. She gazed around, quite confused. She tensed and quickly padded towards the familiar scent. She yelped as something slashed her side.

A silverish-black wolf appeared in front of her. She regained her balance and eyed the wolf. It seemed familiar to her and it was. The other wolves that were with him, gathered beside him. Her own wolves finally gave to join her. Toboe gave her a scowling look. The leader smirked and shook his head. “It seems we aren't alone.” The leader said as he quickly advanced towards them. Tsume growled as well as Kiba. Hige was not certain at all, but Toboe advanced towards them aswell. Raven was not to back down now. She came forth aswell. “Wow it seems everyone has their own standards. Interesting indeed.” The leader had spoken. Raven grew confused at his actions. He seemed more mysterious then she had thought. “Who are you?” Raven asked him. He shook his head. “The names Kane and this is my pack.” Kane indicated as he looked to each wolf. “Marcus.” He looked to the orange-redish wolf. “Ovan.” He eyed the tan wolf. “Ben.” He shrugged slightly towards the dusty off-white wolf. “And Roni.” Kane chuckled slightly.

Raven smiled and looked to her father, before looking to Kane. “My father, whom stands beside me, is Toboe. Hige the fat one and Tsume the scarred one. Kiba be the white wolf.” She replied, relaly hoping she wasn't rude when saying their names. Hige tilted his head slightly and snorted. She called me fat. He had thought as she spoke their names. Tsume scowled, not liking this at all. Kiba shrugged and slunked to his haunches. Toboe scowled aswell. “We don't speak to strangers Raven.” He scowled. Raven shook her head ingoring her father's words. She yelped as Toboe grabbed her by the scruff and dismissed her away from the others. He pushed her slightly away as they venture further from the other wolves. Kiba and the other two soon joined up with them. Kane was puzzled, but soon dismissed himself and his pack.

Toboe eyed his daughter as they continued on their journey. “We watch what we do Raven, remember that.” Raven rolled her eyes and just kept near them.

-To Be Continued-

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