The Shadow Gang

What's beyond reality? Many have tried to wielder that possibly and extend the truth. But many try to hide the truth from us. Though no one knows the reality from the fantasy. We look away and dismiss it as child's play. But in reality nothing can ever be shut down. It's always dug out once more and treasured away for later uses. Later uses for our own experimental causes.

But some are afraid of what's beyond the real world. Though there is no real world, truth is thrown away and soon everything falls down and nothing is left.....

Ha ha! Naw I'm just yanking your feathers! That has nothing to do with this story. If you look down a little further you might get a little glimpse of this following story. Go ahead enjoy what you can read.

The real story lies here. Somewhat in the present/past day and split between reality and paranormal. Five villages are set in each far end of the area. Neutral, Normals, Demons, Angels, and Hybrids are set in each of their own villages. Carrying their own grudge and hatre for each other. Their home far from beyond reality's keeps. But some have learned to get along and some even buddy up together. While others lust to kill each one and burn their torments towards the ground.

Our story roams around the borders of three paranormal beings. Ashura, the pure demon of the dog tribe. His hatre carries on for those that are unworthy in his eyes. He is quite different from the others, even of those from his tribe. His temper lesser, but he could care less if any being in this world ever survived. He loves to torment and watch his victims suffer and soon watch them die with pleasure in his eyes. It would give him pure delight to watch the blood trickle from his enemy. When he was born, they knew he was not like them and that they should rid him of his presence.

But his mother couldn't bare to see her child die. So instead of killing him, they exiled him. Never to return to that village again. He was outraged and vowed to slaughter them all. They were afraid he would over power them and over power them, he will. He grew up in the neutral village with two half breeds. One he soon grew to know as his fellow half-brother. Despite their differences, he kinda enjoyed having the little mutt around.

The other, he tolerated her, despite her other half following with the blood of an angel. They grew up together and that they stayed allies. After he became of age, despite the fact he was about 4 years older then both of the two. He left them and took care of business his own. Giving his tribe an unwelcomed visit and took upon him to vow his promise. Destroying his home and watching it perish under his mass destruction.

He knew his mother no longer existed, for the villagers killed her after finding out he still existed. He snorted and left, returning to his so called friends. Vowing to protecting them no matter what the cost was. Even though he denies everything. This demon can regenerate and heal, aswell as among other things. He is almost impossible to take down.

BlackFire is a halfbreed. Half wolf demon and half dog demon. He was not always alone. Being at least the middest of the trio. He grew up with Ashura and Ame, information told later. Being a bit shy of everything, but always wanting to protect Ame when Ashura was not able. This noble beast comes into two sizes. Regular wolf size and large dog demon size. Also come to know as Ashura's half-brother. Their father was never apart of any tribe and was only a passerby and traveler.

Ame is also a halfbreed as well. A wolf demon mixed with the blood of an angel, some also come to know as paranormal humans. She is a sweet girl, but also carries the same trait that harbors Ashura. But hers not being as bad as his. She still cares a lot about things. And because of her, the humans are somewhat safe. Though she could care less. Grown up in the neutral terrain with Ashura and BlackFire. She was excited to see Ashura when he first arrived. BlackFire was confused, but was just as excited when he arrived.

But she never really knew her parents and had grown to her mother at the village. She didn't really care about knowing her parents, only believing they might have had a good reason for abandoning her. She played like the rest of the kids, but mostly bothered Ashura with BlackFire. Though no matter how annoyed or how much Ashura yelled at her, she still stuck around.

Coming to like this bristle brute and in secret Ashura liked her as well, but refuse to show it. When they grew up, she watched and waited day after day for Ashura to return from his trip. When he did, all three set out on their own journeys. Staying together until time ends.

Ashura receiving his prized partner, his big bladed sword. Adoring the effects of this magnificent creation. Ame taking along her bladed sword, designed a bit different then Ashura's, and her whip. BlackFire didn't really need anything, but he usually harvested Ashura's and Ame's weapons in his fur, no matter what size he was. His fur just absorbs the items and keeps them safe until the two wanted to use them once more.

Each journey they take, they become more and more attached to each other. No matter how irritated they get of each other, they manage. Having harvest feelings for each other. Ashura's and Ame's secret feelings for each other as well as BlackFire's sibling love for Ashura and Ame.

Ashura vowed to protect Ame and BlackFire, never allowing anything to happen to them as long he lived. And it looks like Ashura is gotta live for awhile now. Unlike humans, Ashura's, Ame's, and Blackfire's blood line contains immortality, but Ame's blood is a bit weaker and can still kill her. But she knows she is safe with her new friends. And on we continue with this story.

“Damnit Ame you let it go!” Ashura's voice yelled out towards Ame as she stared surprised at him. Ashura was an attractive demon, standing at 6'4”. His weight a bit built and standard, 175 lbs. His spiky-like hair the darkest of grays, eyes pierced with that of a wolf's. Wearing a faded gray shirt with black baggy-like pants. He grit his fangs and glared sternly at Ame, growing irritated by this ignorant female.

“I couldn't help it Ashura. It was to fast for me.” Ame rolled her eyes as she fell on her ass. She was too an attractive halfbreed. Her height not as tall as Ashura, but still at 5'8”, she was damn tall. Her weight 148, but still normal. Her long hair the lightest of gray and her eyes pierced of silver. Wearing a black silk shirt with a black net top underneath, sleeves of the top visible. Her pants a silky-like long cargo black pants.

“Give her a break Ashura geez.” Came the voice of Ashura's younger half-brother BlackFire. The three-legged black being laid there watching them. His left leg missing from a birth defect. Ashura gave the bull headed hybrid a glaring look and growled lowly as he turned his attention back to Ame. BlackFire tensed at this and shook his head slightly. “Fine then, I'll accept that.” Ashura turned away and faced his back towards his fellow comrades. Taking the time to adjust his fowl mood.

“I'm sorry Ashura I really am.” Ame spoke as she stood up and dusted her ass off. Looking to Ashura with pleading eyes. The dog demon refused to look at her. Accepting her sincerities, he just refused to talk to her until he calmed down. Despite the fact the female had lost a fowl human. He snorted slightly and began to walk away from them all. Ame remained where she was, knowing he wanted to be alone.

She heaved a sigh and looked to BlackFire, watching as the hybrid kept silent the whole time.


As the dog demon walked away, he made sure no one followed as he quickly took speed, gripping his bladed sword beside him. He had taken the sword out of its keep as he meant to strike the female for allowing such a stupid human to escape. But he controlled himself at that. He ventured along the forest lines, his image nothing but a blur of the darkness now. He wanted solitude to himself and that was what he was going to get, no matter what happens.


As night fell, Ame and BlackFire soon took haven in a nearby village. Watching as the rain fell helplessly among the grounds. They took their home in a welcoming house, those two being alone in there. For the humans still feared them. BlackFire still in his regular form, but he still harvest Ame's weapons in his pelt. Ame sat there staring endlessly at the sky as she wondered when Ashura would come back.

The lazy mutt BlackFire laid down in his comfy new quarters and took advance of this. Enjoying the comforting place, curling up into a ball and quickly going to a deep slumber for the time being. Ame rolled her eyes and chuckled at this. She lifted and bent down over him and petted him slightly. “I'm going for a walk, you stay here ok.” She smiled and quickly lifted and walked out of the house.

Heading into the forest, she was not afraid, just worried about Ashura. True Ashura was always going by himself to keep alone for awhile. To release stress and pressure. But she hated having to wait for him, she adored the brute and knew he was trust-worthy and he had always come back. He never would go with anyone else. She knew that, but she was always concerned and worried about him.

But that was what friends do. Even lovers, but no, Ashura would probably never allow such a thing to happen. She heaved a sigh and shook her head as she folded her arms and walked in silence. Sounds came from all over and Ame could sense their unruly presence. She tried to dismiss it, but she couldn't help, but feel something about her. Like something was following her.

She grit her fangs and shook her head. No she was alone and she knew that. Nothing wanted her and she wanted nothing. She gripped her claws across her arms and shoulders and tighten their hold. She felt safe like this and kept going. Loosening her grip and relaxing a bit. She didn't care right now. She needed time alone to release stress and pressure as well. But seemed time never gave her things like that. She had to take it upon herself to provide her own time.

A chill went down her spine as something shot down across her shoulder. She blinked slightly and felt something trickle down her hand. She turned to look at her hand and her eyes widen as she saw her own blood. Something had caused this, but whom. She heard cackling behind her and she jerked to face her enemy. She raised a brow in question at this creature. He seemed almost human with a mere gun.

What harm was he? How can he be dangerous. The creature shot once more, but Ame move out of harm's way. Then she noticed she was surrounded by these same creatures. There seemed something strangely different about them. She jerked herself as she drew in their scent. They weren't humans at all. They had demon blood trailing through their body. That didn't scare her, but their menacing howl did. She turned to run, but her path was blocked. She went to leap away from them, but was brought down by one of the big guys.

She yelped as the big one knocked the wind out of her. She cringed and laid there on her back. Slowly trying to pull herself up. She screamed as she realized something was coming at her. She blinked slightly as a swift movement came out of nowhere and a sword sheathing. She gasped as she realized Ashura had come after all. He was protecting her.

Ashura sheathed his sword across the demon's weapon, cracking his enemy's pathetic weapon and armor. He was irritated by them every so, growling lowly under his breath as he slashed his sword, killing the one in front of him. He turned to kill a few more, watching as the remaining ones turned to escape. But he wasn't going to allow them to escape. No, he leaped and killed every last one of them. Licking the blood from his sword. He turned and glared at Ame.

She grinned innocently at him and struggled to get up. Ashura yanked her up and ignored her yowling pain. He extended his hand and rubbed his hand among her wound. Removing his hand after a few moments as he healed her. Ame was thankful and soon blacked out. Ashura caught her and placed his sword on his back and carried the female in his arms. Taking her back to their located haven for the night, ignoring the nonsense of the rain.

After several hours, Ame woke to a sleeping, dead-end, BlackFire and awoken Ashura by the door. She lifted and sat down beside him. Ashura didn't budge even a single glance at her. She sighed and leaned against him. Ashura raised a brow in question as he glanced to her now.

“Thanks for everything Ashura and I'm sorry for putting you in so much trouble..” Ame spoke watching as Ashura discarded that fact. He smiled and shook his head as he wrapped an arm around her waist. He leaned his head back and watched the ceiling. Ame smiled and snuggled to him, feeling safe as she fell asleep. Ashura tensed slightly, but calmed as he too fell asleep.

-To Be Continued-

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