†No Regrets†

They say wolves are the sign of the devil. That wolves are nothing but trouble to this world. Wolves are bad news they say, wolves are blood-lusting killers. That thrive for the murder of their lives. But in reality humans are the murderers. Not taking the time to get to know these wonderful creatures. In due time there will be nothing left of our precious wolves. Because humans are the selfish creatures of this earth. Only wanting power and control of this world. They feared wolves would get into their way.

And now there has been no sightings of wolves in our damned forsaken condemned world. Very few humans still believe in them. Few believe they exist and only hope one day these creatures will rise and take their place back in the world. But we can only hope for the best and watch each day as our world crumbles and falls. While the wolves hide in their haven and watches as the humans' faults take course.

Wolves have no desire to see the humans' world no longer. They have taken to their own and would love even more to watch the humans die. Every last one of them fallen to their depths. Wolves would watch with pleasure in their eyes as the humans die. They will never forget or forgive the humans for what they have done. As a wise wolf once said, “I have no regrets and no sorrow. Living and Dieing is a part of life. But to kill other then food and shelter can prove fatal to your future. One sin can make your future and there's no taking back that sin.

Humans have sealed their faith, but wolves have yet to begin theirs. Alway watch your back, for one day it will be your last.” Mind, Body, and Soul are the very existences of your life. Without them you are nothing more then the ashes of dust. Wolves have only provided what they needed and what they wanted. They never took more then what they can carry. Humans have taken their last straw. It is time my children to rise and be one once more...........

“You are such a loser to believe in such things Devon.” One girl retarded as the 15 year old teenage made his report. “What a total idiot I say.” Another commented, the whole class laughing their heads off. Devon gritted his teeth as he took the usual insults and shit. Already used to such things. Devon was an attractive guy. Wearing the normal baggy blue jeans and faded off-white long shirt cuffed over with the vested shirt. His height and weight averaged for his age. Height being around 6'2” and weight around 180 lbs. His eyes navy blue and his dark brown, silver highlighted, hair slicked back in a normal spiky like manner.

For him, he should be popular, but he never wanted that. The other people never understood him or his beliefs. His family always carried down generations of tons of beliefs that seemed ignorant to the world. He heaved a sigh and gripped his hand over the pure silver necklace he wore around his neck. His hand graved over the structure of a silver wolf connected to his necklace.

“Devon please take your seat. And I expect a better well-written report about Reality this time.” The teacher rolled her eyes at Devon and motioned for him to sit down. “Everyone knows wolves don't exist.” A boy said, glaring down Devon. Devon glared back at him. Devon did as he was told and sat down at his desk. His mind wondering through space as he tried to figure out a lot of things. Though he hated that the other kids made fun of him for his beliefs, in time he didn't care what they thought of him. They were rotten kids that had no damned life. “Damn kids...” He mumbled under his breath, twitching slightly at this.

He slammed his report down on his desk and stared down hard at the three-page report he had written. These were facts and the truth. Wolves existed, but they just wanted to hide the truth from them.

“Aye wolves have always existed. Even before the existence of man-kind. Man-kind found their match and just felt like they were being threatened. Even though wolves never gave a damn about the humans, but they always left us alone. But humans, no, they wanted to get rid of these wolves. They had to make up some excuse to lure them out and destroy them. So they could be the powerful beings on this earth.”

An old man's voice trailed through Devon's mind as he tried to remember the true facts of this world. “Oh grandpa...” Devon said under his breath. Suddenly the teenage was brought out of his mind as the bell rung. He was glad, that meant school was out. And that also meant Devon could finished what he had started. As he began to run out the door, the teacher stopped him. He blinked slightly and struggled to get away. “Devon I'm worried about you.” She began to speak to him, her eyes narrowed in a concerned manner.

“Why..Why would you be worried about me?” He stammered. She shook her head and heaved a sigh as she watched him silently. “You keep coming up with silly nonsense and....” Her words were cut off as Devon yelled at her. “This isn't nonsense! It's all real! Wolves exist, everything is true!” The teacher lowered her gaze and began to shuffle for her cell phone. Devon's eyes widen as he realized teacher and phone equaled not a good match. He didn't care what she was doing. All it meant was trouble.

He yanked away from her and bolted down the hall. He could barely hear the teacher yelling at him to come back. He kept going and going until he just couldn't go anymore. Running outside of the school and across the schoolyard. He couldn't believe they had gone to far. Why couldn't they respect his wishes and leave him alone. “Leave me the hell alone!” He screamed at the top of his lungs. Suddenly the boy took to a halt as he stood before a forest.

But this forest was different. It was the Forbidden Forest. No one was ever allowed to go in there, no one. A shiver went down his spine as he stared endlessly at the darkness of this forest.

“The Forbidden Forest grandpa? What is it anyways?” “Well sonny you see, the forbidden forest is a dark dense forest that hides many dangerous things. Us humans are never allowed to go near or even in that forest. It's a law now and it's not like we can enter it anyways.” “But grandpa, what's in the Forbidden Forest?” “Well...Not many are sure of what lurks in the forest. But between you and me, they say wolves and other creatures roam there. Hell even the government official threaten to set the whole place on fire. But when they tried, the whole place resisted and killed the men on contact.” “You mean like it had a secret barrier around it grandpa?” “I suppose you can say that Devon.”

Devon could hear his grandpa's very words as he slowly lightly touched the base of the forest. Jerking back as an electric force trickle through his hand. “Damnit..” He cringed and held his hand as a trickle of blood came out of his wound. Slowly ripping his shirt sleeve and wrapping his hand. “That outta hold it for the time being.” He snorted and backed up and then ran as fast as he could as he slammed into the barrier.

He fell straight on his side as he entered the forest. But strangely the forest was so much different inside then out. He raised a brow in question and quickly regain his balance. Glancing around with a curious manner as he took a few steps in the forest. A chill driving down his spine each step he took. Sounds coming from everywhere. “I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid...” He kept saying that, reassuring himself. Jumping quickly out of shock and bounced back.

“Ok I think I changed my mind.” Running straight towards the barrier and bouncing back into the forest. “What the hell?” He rubbed his head and tried once more. He was completely shocked he could not get back. “Just what I need....I here a lecture coming on when I get home. That is if I get home.” Rolling his eyes as he turned away and walked backed into the forest. Retracing his steps each way he went. He blinked slightly and jerked away.

“Holy hell what was that?” Questioning himself as he heard loud growling sounds. He never looked back as he just kept going. Reassuring himself that it was just something out of his imagination. He couldn't help but feel devil eyes among him. Watching his every move. He couldn't help but feel a bit scared. He bulked up and growled to himself. “I am a warrior, not a coward.”

“A warrior? The only warrior I see is me. And you are nothing but lunch.” A grittled voice came as a rigid brown panther came into view. His eyes shone with crimson glare. Devon jerked himself as he came view to view with the mighty beast. “Did you just talk to me?” He blinked, shocked that a four-legged animal was talking to him.

Rolling his eyes as he glared at the being. “Yes I talked to you. You seemed a bit shocked at that. Come I demand what planet you come from.” Devon looked at the panther stupidly. “Uh last time I checked I'm from here, well exactly I'm from the planet earth. Maybe you are familiar with that planet.” The panther shook his head. “No I'm not familiar with that planet.

“Um yea ok. But last time I checked creatures like you do not talk. At least not to humans.” The panther was growing irritated with such small talk. He advanced towards the boy and grinned with an ill-manner. Devon gasped and took a step back, tripping and falling on his behind. He howled in pain as the impact wounded him a little.

Half-way the boy screamed as the panther lounged at him. Trying with all his force to pull this animal off of him. Cringing in pain as the panther clawed him, bit him and threw his weight among him. Devon could feel his life flashing before his eyes. His birth, his childhood, his life up until now. “Somebody help me...” Was all Devon could manage to say as he fought off this huge beast. Trying not to become his next meal.

With a quick blur, an ebony figure leaped forth and head butted the feline. Sending the feline flying a few steps away. The panther hissing as he regained his balance ready to strike this mysterious figure. Devon couldn't believe his eyes. He could barely see the form of this creature. But he knew what he was seeing. He had seen many structures of his granted creatures. It was true, a black wolf with silver piercing eyes stood before him. But something about this wolf seemed familiar.

“Don't tell anyone Devon, it's between you and me.” “Yea sure grandpa, but what is it?” “About 40 years ago, when I was just about 26. I actually encountered a wolf....” “What you did!? How so cool grandpa!” “Shush boy, let me finish. I was walking through a forest once..” “The Forbidden Forest right grandpa?” “Shush child.” “Sorry grandpa...” “I was a carefree lad and always looking for adventures. Just like you Devon. I got into all sorts of trouble, but I never thought this one would surely end my life. I walked right into a trouble I could not escape. This big huge bear came out of no where and strangely it spoke to me..” “A talking animal grandpa? How weird.” “Yes indeed it is weird. But strangely it did. But then it stopped and came straight after me.” “Bet you were scared huh?” “Sure was, but I held on for dear life.

I tried to force away it's attack, but nothing I did stopped it. So I only prayed and then suddenly a blur came out of nowhere and the bear was not on me anymore. But a mysterious figure. It was growling at the bear and warning it. But strangely enough the bear was scared and ran away.” “Whoa that is weird. What was it grandpa?” “Well if you let me tell the story you'll find out. Now where was I? OH yes. The figure turned out to be a black wolf. And she had the silverish piercing eyes I had ever seen. I looked into them and I was stunned scared of them. It was like she was warning me to stay away and yet it looked like she had these murderous emotions all around her. But she just glared at me and the next thing I knew I was back home.” “Whoa that's really weird.” “Indeed.” Faint laughing is heard.

The wolf growled and bristled as she warned the panther away. He hissed and bolted away with his tail between his legs. She turned to glare coldly at Devon. It was her, but how could that be. It was over 40 years ago. It couldn't be possible for a wolf to live that long. But then again wolves were mysterious in their own way. But he was sure of it. It was her, the same wolf that saved his grandpa. He extended his hand and tried to pet her.

The wolf resisted and pulled away, glaring at him. Devon soon blacked out and awoke several hours later at his home. He grinned to himself and looked around him. His mother and grandpa were looking down at him. “Well my boy you are finally awake. I won't lecture you this time, but come home when you are suppose to.” A stern and gloomy voice was heard as the father stood away from them.

“Oh don't do that dear. He looks like he went through a rough time.” The mother took to his defense. The grandpa stood up and lifted Devon up on his legs. Slowly carrying him up to his room. “Now now Rachel, he needs rest.” His grandpa said as his mother tried to follow. She held back and nodded, allowing her son to be carried away. As grandpa laid Devon among his bed and covered him up, Devon began to speak.

“I saw her grandpa..” Grandpa tilted his head. “Who my boy?” He questioned. “That wolf..” Grandpa was puzzled, but after moments finally realized what he was trying to tell him. “Shush now Devon, we can't tell your parents that. You know how worried your mother gets and how your father despises our beliefs.” Devon nodded and cringed slightly. “Hold on Devon. You are going to fine. Now rest up and I'll see ya tomorrow.” With that grandpa left after Devon agreed. Devon was alone now in his room.

But some how to him, it felt like he was not exactly alone. He looked to his window and stared out to the full moon. A wolf's image appeared in a faded manner. A smile ceased 'pon Devon's features as he slowly closed his eyes and drifted to a restless sleep.

-To Be Continued-

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